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The Blackstone griddle is a kitchen appliance designed to cook food quickly and efficiently. It has been popularized for use by commercial kitchens, restaurants, cafeterias, and other institutions that serve large amounts of food. But what happens when the griddle needs to be cleaned? This article will teach you all about how to maintain your Blackstone griddle and it will answer “Can I use cooking spray on a Blackstone Griddle”

Using cooking spray on the griddle will cause the surface temperature to rise too rapidly. This leads to a very uneven cook when you want to make something like pancakes or waffles. You wouldn’t dream of using cooking spray in your oven, so keep it off your grill!

The Blackstone griddle is designed with a natural nonstick surface that’s simply seasoned and heated to bring out its best qualities. The seasoning of the Blackstone griddle is extremely important to the overall performance. A detailed Blackstone 28 griddle review has cover every aspect of this griddle. Cooking spray will cause it to oxidize, so you never want to use cooking spray on your griddle ever again!

  • How Cooking Spray Works

    Cooking spray is a vegetable oil (or other oil) and an emulsifier combined with water in an aerosol container. The chemical name for the most common cooking spray ingredients are: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Soybean Oil, Liquid Soy Lecithin, DATEM, Monoglycerides and Diglycerides.  The water in the aerosol container allows a fine mist of the actual oil and emulsifiers to form.  This is all due to pressure, so a seemingly “empty” can of cooking spray should still have some contents (just not as much).

    Can I Use Cooking Spray On a Blackstone Griddle
    Can I Use Cooking Spray On a Blackstone Griddle

The oil and emulsifiers provide a non-stick surface when sprayed onto a cooking surface.  The vegetable oil is heated up during the grilling process to allow the food to essentially “sizzle” or at least get that nice crunchy texture. The spray can also be used as an internal lubricant so scraping the cooking grill won’t scratch the surface of the grill.

Difference Between Griddle Seasoning and Cooking Spray

Cooking spray is a store-bought non-stick liquid that is sprayed on it to prevent food from sticking during cooking. Griddle seasoning is a homemade mixture of oils and batter so that the food can be cooked without getting stuck.

Griddles that are new tend to be very sticky when cooking, this is actually a good sign as it shows that they have been well seasoned and will only get better with time. The Blackstone griddle simply needs regular cleaning before you begin cooking on it in order to prevent the food from sticking onto the surface of the griddle.

So, Can I use Cooking Spray on a Blackstone Griddle

Cooking spray on the product causes the surface to heat up too quickly, so you’ll end up with some parts of your pancakes or waffles fully cooked and others not fried enough. You never want that in an oven – don’t let it happen on your grill!

If you’ve already used cooking spray on your Blackstone griddle, then you have a few options.

If your griddle is still in its original packing, then you can send it back to Blackstone for a replacement. They will ship you out a brand new one and include a return shipping label along with the replacement grill, so all you need to do is box up your old one and drop it off at the UPS store. This is not a free option, but it will keep you from having to scrub it to clean.

If your Blackstone Griddle is already out of the box and being used, then make sure to take precautions with whatever food you try to cook on the griddle. Be very careful about cross-contamination and remember that you are cooking with an open flame.

There is minor danger involved, but there’s no reason to stop your gristle fun just because of a little cooking spray!

To regularly clean the Blackstone Griddle as recommended by the manufacturer, we recommend that you use Barkeeper’s Friend . This is what they sell on their website so it is recommended by them.

What is the Best Oil for Griddle

The best oil for griddle includes any type of oils that can withstand high temperatures without degrading. For this reason, it is important to avoid oils that do not have adequate levels of stable polyunsaturated fats and higher levels of monounsaturated fats. In general, the best oils for griddle are liquid at room temperature.

Seasoning a Blackstone Griddle

Seasoning a Blackstone Griddle 2021

There are many ways to season a griddle. You can just use regular cooking oil, though it might not be as effective. You can also add a tablespoonful of bacon grease to the pan before you start cooking so that it gets the grease in the pan and onto the griddle. Depending on what your griddle is made out of, you may need to put some sort of coating on it before you cook with oil or bacon grease in order to avoid other substances sticking to the surface. It is important that the coating you use have no taste so that your food will not be affected.

Some people say to heat up in an oven before seasoning it, and this can work well for some surfaces. Others say to stick the griddle in a cold oven, then turn on the heat and leave it there for about an hour. They say that by doing this, all of the oils in the pan are cooked into the surface and it gives you a much more seasoned griddle once you take it out of the oven. You may want to test these methods for yourself on small sections so that you can see whether or not they work well for your griddle before using them on your entire pan.

The most important thing to remember about seasoning a griddle is that the shinier it becomes, the more seasoned it is, and the better food will stick to it when you are cooking. You can test the amount of seasoning that has been put onto your product by rubbing a liberal amount of vegetable oil onto it, then cooking on it. When you are done cooking, check the surface to see if it is shiny or dull. Shiny is better because your food will stick to it better and everything will come off of the pan easier when you are finished cooking.

What are the Advantages of Griddle Seasoning

Griddle seasoning is a process that includes cooking the food on a greasy surface. What happens when you cook on a griddle is that the grease causes two different reactions. The first reaction is that it helps to protect and seal the metal molecules which will make it easier to clean. Second, cooking on it gives foods a crispy exterior and moist interior. This is different than if you were cooking on an oven or stove because it is cooked in its own juices and fat giving it more flavor.

  • Oils and fats coated with a thin, even layer of seasoning can help prevent food from sticking to the grill.
  • Griddle seasoning helps keep your grill looking like new by protecting it from rusting.
  • Griddle seasoning makes foods taste better because it adds flavor.
  • Griddle seasoning can also add nutrients and minerals which are important for health such as iron and copper.
  • Griddle seasoning can add a protective layer between your food and the grill.


If you’re looking for a way to season your Blackstone Griddle, cooking spray is not the best option. The question whether Can I use Cooking Spray on a Blackstone Griddle is answered with proper reasons. You can use vegetable oil or bacon grease instead. The black color on your griddle will come off after using these oils and fats consistently over time!

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