Grills guide Innovative Scholarship 2020-2022

Grills guide is giving off an opportunity for the students to look ahead to the future which would be better than yesterday. It’s announcing a scholarship for worthy students. Grills guide cares for people, for them, people always matters the most. This scholarship is special for those students who always wanted to take off the school fee burdens from their parent’s shoulders and are passionate about doing something creative and good for themselves.

To get the scholarship you have to just write clean and innovative topics related to grills guide or information on grills, smokers, and BBQ. All you have to do is “keep it creative”. Grills guide only motivates creative minds and ideas.


The scholarship will be of $500.

The panel of professional and experienced judges will select and announce the lucky winner. The winner will be announced via email. The scholarship will be sent directly to the winner school.

What do you need to do?

This scholarship is easy to avail for every student. The main task you have to do is to write an article, blog post, or essay related to the grills guide. You can also write an informational article about grills, smokers, or BBQ.

To simplify things for you, it’s important to have thorough information and experience related to grilling and smoking.  The article must be of a minimum of 2000-2500 words. Best Grills Guide Under 300 should be consider as sample while writing the article.

As mentioned before, it’s a creative task to do which means no Copywrite or duplicate article will be accepted. You have to write the article on your own in an innovative style and check plagiarism before submitting the article. If plagiarism is found in the article, you will be disqualified from the race.

Who can apply for scholarship?

The eligibility to apply for a scholarship is that the applicant must be skillful and creative. The student must know about the grilling and smoking or have experienced them personally to provide information.

To apply for the scholarship following is required.

The students shouldn’t have less than 3.0 CGPA.

The students who are welcome to apply for the scholarship must be enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student at the accredited college/University.

How to apply?

If you are eligible for the scholarship then you can apply for it by filling the form. You must have to provide the following personal information on the application form:

Last date of submission:

The students are allowed to submit their documents till 1st August 2021. No documents will be accepted after the due date. Make sure to participate in the scholarship within time. The submission will be accepted and the winner will be announced via email.

Furthermore, the lucky winner will be announced and awarded after two to three weeks of the deadline.

Privacy policy:

Grills guide will never use, sell, or share your personal information with others.

Your email will never be used for the purpose of marketing.

In the application, the applicant is permitted to receive emails related to their scholarship and application only.

The grill guide won’t ask for any personal information other than the application form.

Students have full authority to request the removal of any information about them.

The winner will be asked before posting his name, photo, or essay on

After the announcement of the winner, all of the information related to applicants will be removed as soon as possible. All funds will be sent directly to the winner’s school.

Terms and conditions:

There are terms and conditions applied to submit your article. The applicant has to grant the following permissions to the grills guide:

Grills guide can use the applicant’s name, article, or award in the social media or newsletter.

An email will be sent to the applicant related to the application, reward, and winner announcement.

Grills guide will publicly announce the winner’s name, college/university name, and the article provided in the email.

Other rules:

All submitted information and article must be of the applicant, original, accurate, and complete.

Only one application and article will be acceptable from one student. No applicant is allowed to attach more than one article.

The article must be in English.

Grills guide is allowed to use the article wherever we want.

ln case of any problem, grills guide have full authority to Change the terms. Otherwise the criteria will remain the same as provided.